Female Fatalities- Bela- and a Simian Assassin Add Up to “Murders in the Rue Morgue”- Tonight!

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It Could Do More Damage Than Looking at an Eclipse- “Invisible Ray” Tonight!

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It’s SNL- Sinister Night Life-Endings – When Victims Meet the “Night Monster”- Tonight!

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Sven’s Alter Ego Stops at the Big 89 Friday Morning!

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All Right, Partner- Draw…BLOOD! “Curse of the Undead”- Tonight!

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Is It a Party Line- with Lon Chaney Jr AND Gilbert Gottfried “Calling Dr. Death” in the Inner Sanctum?

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Costumed Characters? Wil Wheaton? Jerry Lawler?- and an Antarctic Portal to Dinosaur-Infested Tropics? Welcome to “The Land Unknown”-Tonight!

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Amazon- Primed: The Classic Gill Man in the Original “Creature from the Black Lagoon”-Tonight!

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